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People also need human values like love and peace as well as nutrition, shelter and safety. This is primary target of being human. With this consciousness, we think human should be in peace first with own self and then other people in society. Disseminating and keeping these values in this global world will bring along world peace and serenity. Supporting these values from family to society and education is very important and essential for world peace. Starting off with the truth that human values like love and peace are gradually forgotten in our century and humanity need these values very much, we decided to create our project. Since youth forms society and education forms youth, we believe that these two values can be disseminated by means of education. So, we aim that we teach them by doing and living and also lifelong learning. We, teachers, we will carry out our project by guiding our students. We will get to know worldwide well-known personalities on love and peace.



1- Guiding students to see importance of “Love and Peace”.
2- Communicating each other among peers around Europe.
3- Improving their English
4- Making them gain sample behaviors.
5- Knowing-introducing worldwide well-known personalities on love and peace.
6- Making them feel that their ideas are important and valuable.
7- Improving their perspectives to love, peace and education positively.
8- Expressing love, peace and tolerance with universal language.
9- Enabling that both teachers and students can improve their competences and creativities by encouraging them to use digital technologies.
10- Increasing achievement and motivation.


Monthly work Plan
1-OCTOBER: Introducing our schools and giving general information about our cities and countries. Creating eTwinning boards and posters about our project.
2-NOVEMBER: Determining worldwide well-known personalities and introducing well-known proverbs. Preparing poster and logo of the project and arranging a competition.
3-DECEMBER-JANUARY: Knowing-introducing worldwide well-known historic personalities on Love.
4-FEBRUARY-MARCH: Knowing-introducing worldwide well-known historic personalities on Peace.
5-APRIL: Preparing collective outputs of the project.
6-MAY: Doing exhibitions and evaluation of the project. 


1- Students will get the chance of getting to know life styles, cultures and different places of peers who live other cities and countries.
2- Students will create project mascot and improve their imagination.
3- They will gain self-confidence by expressing their own ideas.
4- They will transform notion of Love-Peace as thought form.
5- They will gain new experiences by using digital technologies.
6- They will improve their languages.
7- They will gain awareness on love and peace.
8- A strong co-operation and communication will be done among teachers and students. 
9- Each country will introduce words and proverbs in their own language to other partners.
10- E-books and website will be done.

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