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In our century technology is rapidly improving. Technology is everywhere in our daily lives, from our kitchen to office or school. So it must be in every fields of our students’ school life and their education. As all of educators and parents know, children and young spend most of their time using digital tools like computer, laptop, smart phone… instead of studying their lessons and learning new things. This condition is a problem according to adults, of course. 
Starting from this problem we would like to organize the time of students’ spending on digital tools and to guide them to use these tools for education. so they won’t waste time and will learn the use and language of digital technologies, to learn digital literacy and safe internet. And also our students’ motivation, creativity and success in lessons will increase.


1-Guiding students to see importance of technology in education.
2- Canalizing them to use technological tools and safe internet.
3- Raising awareness of digital literacy.
4- Communicating each other among peers Europe wide.
5- Making them dominate digital tools in education and raising their self-confidence about technology in education.
6- Improving their English
7- Increasing their motivation, creativity and success.
8- Enhancing teachers´ competence of using technology in education.


1- Introducing our schools and giving general information about our cities and countries. Creating eTwinning boards and posters about our project. (OCTOBER) 
2- Working out about tools of interactive presentations tools and creating contents. (NOVEMBER) 
3- Working out about tools of animations, avatars, word cloud and photo-poster. (DECEMBER) 
4- Working out about tools of cartoons, story, mind map. (JANUARY) 
5- Working out about tools of QR Codes, augmented reality, online quiz. (FEBRUARY) 
6- Working out about tools of coding activities, digital wallpaper. (MARCH) 
7- Working out about tools of smart phone apps, games and flashcards. (APRIL)
8- Working out about tools of survey, evaluation and e-magazine/book. (MAY)

All teacher and students of each partner will work these activities monthly and share in Twinspace. 


We´ll create e-brochures of schools and cities, and then an e book of the project. Students will have learnt and used the digital technologies for education. They will have used safe internet, had the skills of digital literacy and basic coding. They will have introduced their countries and cultures and also learnt about their peers’. They will have improved their English. They will have caught the chance of making cultural exchange. They will have known Europe. Also we´ll create a Website of the project and achieve dissemination of the use of technology in education in this website.

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