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This Project is about our future. Technology incrising and changing very quickly. Our students must get a full knowledge about that so they can find solutions for any situations. They need to know how the robots works, what can they do, how they feels. What is industry revaluation 4.0 or 5.0 or maybe then. What is the future jobs for us. How can we solve problems with technology. In the every part of this project, we all want to solve a problem first “What kind of a future waiting for us?”. But first, we need to understand; changing of technology, robots life and their capabilities. All activities will be shudelled and shared with project partners month to month.
Starting from this problem we would like to organize our students coding and robotic behaviours. We will guide them to use these tools for control the robotic equipments. They will learn how they works, what is sensors, what can we do for control a robot for anytime...


1- Guiding students to see importance of technology in our life.
2- Raising awareness of technological developments.
3- Alghoritms and programming robots and Hi-tech production
4- Develop scientific thinking and problem solving skills.
5- To think about our future technologies and to create new ideas
6- Improving Daily English skills
7- Increasing students motivation, creativity and success.
8- Improve teachers´ sharing and technology skills


- Introducing their school and giving general information about their cities and countries. Creating eTwinning boards and posters, logos about our project. (OCTOBER)
- Poster and logo competition and First robot design with waste materials. Leds and buzzer control. (NOVEMBER)
-Coding events. Robots in history (visiting historical places with robots) and xmas cards sharing. (DECEMBER)
- Robots beauty contest with culturel clothes. (JANUARY)
- Best voice of robots with culturel songs (FEBRUARY)
- Study with motors (Different motor types) and car racing with waste materials. Organize a Career event. (MARCH)
- Using sensors with robots. Finding tiny problems for solving with robots. Create Project ideas and start to production. (APRIL)
- Design an eTwinning robot. Finishing the robotic projects, organise an exhibition. Create an e-book of Project. (MAY)
- Evaluation (JUNE)
- All partners will be able to work these activities monthly and share in Twinspace.


We´ll create e-brochures of schools and cities, and then an e book of the project. Students will have learnt virtual and real coding with robots. They will have knowledge about safe internet using, had the skills of digital literacy and basic coding. They will have introduced their countries and cultures and also learnt about their peers’. They will have improved their English skills. They will have caught the chance of making cultural exchange. They will have known Europe. Also we´ll create a Website of the project and achieve dissemination of the use of technology in education in this website.

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