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Earth Needs Help!

Proje hakkında

Today the earth stands in front of ecological danger. It is a global problem and 
it needs all over the world unite to prevent the disaster. In this way, the school plays an important role. The students need to acquire environmental friendliness skills from childhood to save the earth from destruction.
Under the Project, students will fully realize the anticipated environmental dangers. The students in the local environments will be environmental monitoring. They identify the problems around them and introduce each other. They identify statistical date, on which countries intersect with more acutely ecological dangers. Obtained based on the statistics, the school which are involved in the project define the priorities ways to solve them. The students perform appropriate activities of aim ( cleaning, greening, demonstrations, and more) and will take care the environment. Peers and adults are calling to do that in this kind of case. For this purpose, students will create information vid


The main goal of the project, is participation in the children and teachers in preventive activities for environmental protection. Pupils develop environmental monitoring and warning of necessary skills. Earth ability research, analytical, creative, communication and cooperation skills. Exploring the various computer programs work and assert ICT skill. The participating children set up informational posters and booklets, which are spread among peers to protect the environment. In addition the project aims is to create a blog, which will consist of the Environmental protective children, where they will share their environmental friendliness examples, their ideas, impressions, their portfolio – pictures, articles, videos, animations, songs, and poems about ecology topic.


1. September:
Introducing, greeting the participating schools. ( Submission of school can be implemented in any form – video, presentation of school and pupils photos, maps, Skype or other.)
2. The logo design. ( The students will work on the creation of logo, which should be a symbol of environmental friendliness. All the end of the project, from artwork are matched to the best, which will become the mein logo.
3. October:
Monitoring of the local environment and revealing ecological problems 
around us. In this issue, exhibition of works will be on Twinspace. ( after environmental monitorning, the problems which have uncovered, students will make electronic presentations in any format: videos, potoslaide, pictures or animations.)
surveying. Be published questionnaire on Twinspace for participating schools, will be survey students and teachers, in order to revealing countries, where are ecological problems most of all.


The world’s children will have the feeling that the earth is their common home. Their participation will be taken preventive measures to reduce the risks of environmental disaster. Those children will be in the future Environmental protective activist citizens who will be an example others. They will have developed high communication, social and team skills, which will be useful in adult life and their opportunities in social adaptation. On the internet space will blog, where will be able to afford children share each other their views and ideas in order to save the universe. Also will create posters, leaflets, videos, musical messages, that people with a desire to of care the environment.

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